Advantages of Post Tension Concrete
Post Tension Products
Monostrand Systems:
Bulk & Fab. Seamless Coated Strand 
Anchorage Systems: (ICBO Approved)
Standard and Corrosive Environments
Pocket Formers:
Standard and Deep 90/45/30 and split
Support Chairs:
Slab on Grade, Elevated Deck
Barrier Cable Systems:
Galvanized, Coated

All materials and systems meet 
or exceed PTI recommendations
Professionally Engineered: 
  • Designed specifically for the intended end use and service requirements. 
  • Lower cost per square foot compared to properly designed conventional reinforcement.
Ease of Installation:
  • Proper design requires fewer pounds of concrete per square foot and less labor to place.

  • Longer spans in parking garages allow for better lighting and improved drive clearance. 
  • Stressing verifies the integrity of the concrete member prior to service and insures correct reinforcement location.
  • Pre-stressed tendons take full advantage of concrete strength when fully stressed and aid in preventing cracks. 
  • Should damage or movement occur tendon repairs can be made to meet structural engineers design criteria.
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